god emperor of dune

God Emperor of Dune book cover review god emperor of dune by frank herbert (published in 1981)

the dune trilogy has been completed - what would you do next with one of the greatest science fiction stories ever?

if you are hoping for another clone of the original dune book then this will disappoint - frank herbert does what frank herbert does with each of the books - makes it very different to what you expected/experienced in the others
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battlestar galactica book

battlestar galactica book original battlestar galactica by glen larson and robert thurston (published in 1978)

the original battlestar galactica book that the 1978/1979 tv series and movie was based on. this story is the plot line for the television pilot show - saga of a star world.

if you have only seen the superb 2004 reboot series then the stories will be sort of familiar but some of the important characters have been radically changed!
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luna: new moon

luna new moon book review  ian mcdonaldluna: new moon by ian mcdonald (published in 2015)

its an interesting book with good ideas on how the first humans may colonise the moon and what sort of technology it would need and create. the luna: new moon book also goes into what society would be created up there

a mixture of david wingroves chung kuo and kim stanley robinsons red mars series? there are a few stunning/wonderful ideas in the luna book but perhaps not as good as either of those books? Continue reading


ringworld book review by larry niven ringworld by larry niven (published in 1970)

like a nebula awards winning farmer this book is outstanding in its science fiction field. ringworld book is still stunning even though other sci fi authors have been inspired by the story ideas have become more common

the first few chapters set the scene and introduce the characters. if you have read larry nivens neutron star then it really helps with the background story and the full flavour of why nessus the piersons puppeteer is so alien strange to everyone
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the cold cash war

the cold cash war book review robert asprinthe cold cash war by robert asprin (published in 1977)

will you read it in one sitting? Turbo.

1970s sci fi. dangerous times/waters for future prediction especially hard technology/humans

always a worry - will it be so wrong about how the modern world will be like. the cold cash war goes down the corporate worlds power/takeovers plot - fighting for information
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this fortress world

this fortress world james e gunnthis fortress world by james e gunn (published in 1955)

different enough to keep the attention - as they might have said according to the films - it movies along lickety split

if you dont like stories with to many coincidences - the god awful wilbur smith books - then you might struggle with this fortress world but for gods sake man up and fight your way through it as its worth it and part of the book Continue reading