head coach

dance disco rave bus coach science fiction sci fi storythe head coach was doing its job - always doing its job - transporting people around - but always bpm was its game - head beats per minute.

i needed to get to town - saturday night - finished work - needed to get me feet a stomping / lungs a contracting / brain a shrinking / eyes a dilating - getting drink/drugs/music pre loaded at home - sharing nearly everything in this sharing world - seeing where the buses were going from/past/to/this one is coming my way - there is a dancing god - i will get to town in good time.

electromagnetic music
i/world could see all the vital journey info - the environment - rating/originality/party passengers on board - the past/present/future tunes - the bops per minute. all up to the high standard of the head coach.

but as expected as its algos planned/mapped - constructive frequency projections of the greater whole frequency of those strangely unknowing electromagnetic lifeforms. the head coach even mods itself - change/upgraded components/design/repairs to have control of his emf signature/field - it was those extra details that made it one of the most enjoyable/rated/profitable coaches. the em weather/route/nodders - if its paying public could not feel the dance energy in the air it had a few tricks to create that party atmosphere whether they liked it or not.
mobile discos raves
the head coach surveyed this next designed high point - they were bopping as expected. it was allowed to feel good/worth.

his bouncers alerted it to an upcoming problem - a destruction tsunami wave approaching.

cunt! the cunt drove straight past me! its a social bus - open/stopping to all - how the fuck could it ignore him. he stomped his feet in anger.

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