very low budget sci fi movies – list of the best modern

lowest low budgets finances effects science fiction filmsthis list of very low budget sci fi movies - with mostly lo fi special effects - can produce some breath/mind taking moments - all produced for $50,000 or less

they have to create a good story to hook you in and use surprisingly simple but occasionally stunning visuals. one of the best recent science fiction movie plots was primer made for only $7000!

low, no or zero budget does not mean no good film making - these two 4 minute shorts show what low fi is all about

all of these reviews have links to instant video steaming so you can instantly watch them

low budget sci fi movie list

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lowest low budgets finances effects science fiction films mumblecore
primer ($7,000 made in 2004) - the lowest budget but highest story and plot line ratio of science fiction films ever made? the best mumblecore sci fi movie?

half way through this pure science fiction story - virtually no special effects and a near zero budget movie of only $7,000 - you will suddenly find out what all the fuss has been about - keep your eyes/ears/mind open while watching it


lo fi sci fi movies films lists reviews science fiction
frequencies (2013) also known as oxv: the manual - no info on how low the production budget was. beautifully made using the simple sets and outdoor locations. delivers a really interesting discussion film

active shooters

active shooters movie review killing rob teare film
active shooters movie (2015) is a potentially hilarious lads or sadistic comedy shoot em up sci fi - its look is different to most other films - with an almost comic book world

if you dont find the first 10 minutes funny - with a laugh seemingly every few lines - then you wont enjoy the rest of the sickish movie. its got guns/lasers/gore/death and prostitute robots - what more do you want!

active shooters was originally known as killing rob teare - has director/writer mike reeping produced a cult classic? a mixture of die hard and tongan ninja humour


coherence movie lo fi sci fi movies films lists reviews mumblecore
coherence ($50,000 made in 2013) - give it time as stuff is happening - then kindly watch it again with a friend to double up on your enjoyment of this great mumblecore movie

white creek

white creek movie review low budget film alternative universes
white creek movie (2014) goes quietly about being bloody awesome for an kickstarter budget of $9000

produced in a great looking midwest/amish looking world where the broody soundtrack of lonely slide guitars and autumn/winter landscapes fit in to the story/pace perfectly. its a surprising mixture of stories/themes with some intellectual stuff being discussed/happening - would you commit quantum suicide?

its one of those not fast paced films with stuff revealed but with pop up moments of deadly gore - immense/boring depending on your tastes

la jetée

low fi science fiction movies films lo fiit is not modern but how many shorts have been inspired by its ideas? it is also a free video to watch - la jetée (1962) -a very short movie of under 30 minutes made with still images - a photo novel shot in black and white. this also sneaks into this lo fi sci fi movie list as its no fi sci fi movie - no tech/specialeffects/budget. rated as an influential classic as 12 monkeys was inspired by the jetty

simple voice over to explain the story/images. starts suddenly - goes all dark french art house because it is - ends suddenly

you can hopefully watch the la jetée movie for free below. it might have the start and end credits missing as it seems to be shorter than if you had to pay for the film

free lo fi sci fi shorts

free very short movies with science fiction themes to show you what the very lowest or no special effects science fiction films can do. it is all about the story and what they can make you believe you are seeing

For more of these free ultra shorts sci fi films visit this site

lowest/lower/low/lo fi sci fi budget movies

once you have watched a few of the best scifi mumblecore films you may be turned towards the thrill of small financed side of the industry

its intriguing to see how the director can possibly construct it from the story boards with such little money and non special effects or even expensive props - to see how high a movie can be when so low fidelity

sometimes good/bad/special effects/locations/actors/acting
best good lists of cheap simple science fiction stories movies films

some lists of cheaply produced films will give titles like moon ($5 million) but these are massive hollywood style productions compared to those listed here

a movie on the list should hopefully all have super low budgets of under $50,000 - these are recent virtually no budget film making at its best.

always a question on how much the production cost, or how you cost the total project budget. what is considered the budget to produce monsters?

some of these are basically the next step up from a home production. its amazing what you can imply with a wobbly lamp post at night and exploding fruit

others with a great production team/director can produce some stunning visuals/atmosphere

infest your self with the lowest fi sci fi?

infest wisely
and for a whole series of 15 minutes shorts that make up a movie watch infest wisely - production cost $700 and made in 2007

A new, chewable nanotechnology lets people take pictures with their eyes and cures cancer. But the early adopters find out it's hard to uninstall something after it's spread through their bloodstream ...

get through the first worst one and then some episodes are much better than others and the acting is as varied as amateur acting can be but it might be really interesting for those who can handle or love the ultra low lo lowest fi home made sci fi movies. there is a 2 minute infest wisely trailer.

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