a plague of demons

a plague of demons cover keith laumera plague of demons by keith laumer (published in 1964)

mad plot lines, fantastic hard tech science ideas, comedy, mental powers, aliens, big fuck off robots, conspiracy of aliens living on planet earth and assuming positions of power - a plague of demons book is a typical keith laumer science fiction story

if you can handle improbable coincidences but essential for the pure enjoyment of the story, 1960s ideas of advanced technology and lots of fun then this could be for you
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garden of rama

garden of rama by arthur c clarke and gentry leegarden of rama by arthur c clarke and gentry lee (published in 1991)

garden of rama is the third book in the rama series and gets back into the human and extra-terrestrial action after the disappointing rama 2

But if you hated rama 2 then the first chapter of the next book may bring back horrific flashbacks as gentry lee seems to carry on with his philosophying. but hang in there and most of the rest of the book is back on course. although the last chapter may have you pronouncing an ffs as lee could not let it lie.
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