rama 2

rama 2 book reviewrama 2 by arthur c clarke and gentry lee (published in 1989)

rama 2 is the sequel to the stunning rendezvous with rama written by clarke and lee over 15 years previously

dont expect the same sense of wonderment/action as the original and some/many will enjoy the different slant the book provides

arthur c clarke builds the background to this next book in what will now be a definite series of science fiction stories. clarke keeps saying that he never intended there to be a sequel to the first rama story, he just happened to add the last line 'the ramans did everything in threes' with no intention of future sequels

rama 2 cover book reviewthere is a good reasoning behind the massive information dump - not just say the authors can do a bit of future prediction - as clarke has to find a reason why humans have not technologically advanced since the last rama encounter.

but this also includes a lot of theology which is either something you love/hate

rama 2 is either good or shit depending on how you like the philosophy. it could be a massive comedown after the high of rendezvous with rama but with the investment that the next couple of books in the series may give you back that immense high

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