the wheels of if

the wheels of if book l sprague de campthe wheels of if by l sprague de camp (published in 1940)

7 short to very short science fictions stories written between 1938 and 1942. the first 2 are quite stunning for their time and involve alternative history. when reading the first few pages you might be shocked and check the date this was printed as the ideas are modern

if you had read the wheels of if in the 1940s how could you then have endured the sci fi movies, stuff on tv and books by other authors? reality would have sucked and the only escape would have been more brilliant classic sci fi writing Continue reading

heretics of dune

heretics of dune book shaitan shai'huludheretics of dune by frank herbert (published in 1984)

stunning fifth book in frank herberts dune series. introduces the effects of the scattering path - also its back to the planet dune/rakis in all its desert life/death/glory/mystique

heretics of dune is a revelation with lots of answers/action/intrigue all the way. delving deeply into the superb missionaria protectiva of the bene gesserit bitches/whores
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god emperor of dune

God Emperor of Dune book cover review god emperor of dune by frank herbert (published in 1981)

the dune trilogy has been completed - what would you do next with one of the greatest science fiction stories ever?

if you are hoping for another clone of the original dune book then this will disappoint - frank herbert does what frank herbert does with each of the books - makes it very different to what you expected/experienced in the others
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ringworld book review by larry niven ringworld by larry niven (published in 1970)

like a nebula awards winning farmer this book is outstanding in its science fiction field. ringworld book is still stunning even though other sci fi authors have been inspired by the story ideas have become more common

the first few chapters set the scene and introduce the characters. if you have read larry nivens neutron star then it really helps with the background story and the full flavour of why nessus the piersons puppeteer is so alien strange to everyone
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