the cold cash war

the cold cash war book review robert asprinthe cold cash war by robert asprin (published in 1977)

will you read it in one sitting? Turbo.

1970s sci fi. dangerous times/waters for future prediction especially hard technology/humans

always a worry - will it be so wrong about how the modern world will be like. the cold cash war goes down the corporate worlds power/takeovers plot - fighting for information
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the earth war – old sci fi book

the earth war mack reynolds science fiction stories old sci fithe earth war by mack reynolds (originally published in 1963)

the cover looks old, even the spelling blurb on the front cover where they just can not not put that hyphen in that can make it hard to read as they meant it - when hyphens are now used as a comma or sort of carry on break thing.

"He had to FIGHT his way up in the war-
crazy world of the 21st century!"

he fought his way up in a war and that 21st century is a crazy world?

is this just an old sci fi book or is it a classic sci fi story?

another great book with the end part of the story you can not easily guess what is going to happen.
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