ToAd of Toad Hall – famous for not being

toads in the hole the hole poker club toot toot toad of toad hallthe cash game action at the local poker club - thehole - was warming up nicely as the good/bad beats the wanting to win this pot against that player at nearly all costs ramped up the male test oster one. 3 siren cash game tables spread but with a spare blind/fish/player/seat at each

Toad of Toad Hall - Mr ToAd as known to most of theholes poker degenerates - was perched legs/cigar/hopes/wit/insanity dangling at the bigdaisycutter table. ToAd knew poker was all about the angle of the dangle

ToAds back not to the wall although it was but eyes front to theholes door - ToAd knew it had to come - free information - suckers! tell me your poker soul TOOT TOOT!
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