amazon murdermuration

amazon drones delivery murder sci fi science fiction story stories death killers roguemany were murdered due to the sheer breathtaking beauty of the phenomenon in the sky - a lot of the fallen had no choice but to die.

how could you not stand/stare at the mesmerising swirling dancing of the veils in the air?

those who were killed in the first battering ballet didnt know what it was - at the last moment they might have just worked out what had kinetically beaten them to death.

humans throughout the ages had stared at signs/wonders in the skies/heavens - the ancients had learned that most wonderous massive events in the skies were a portent of doom - comets - planets/gods/zeus fighting each other and sometimes earth with their cosmic thunderbolts of lightning - a day of doom.

but how were we to know? it looked like a starling murmuration - those who first saw it thought they were lucky to witness such an awesome display in the sky - they wanted to share their luck and got friends/family/everyone to go outside and witness the flocks of black dots swirling/sweeping/dancing through the bright blue sky.

how do you want your human done?

but why were starlings flocking at lunch time?

something else told people to come/open the door - they were willing victims of course - not one person unless they were doing something very important could not help but come to the door to collect what was coming to them.

the starling ballet came closer/quicker - came to ground level - the screams started then - so did the most sickening bass thuds you can not imagine as human steaks were tenderized - human bodies were mashed/smashed/caved/destroyed/pummelled/battered. how did the killer swarm of rogue amazon delivery drones - amazonian drones - want their humans done? very rare/bloody/dead.

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