2nd exit

2nd second exit story book stories car vehicls route planner sat navhe had made filthy millions from algorithms and was still making them. he had sold out every connected person on the planet at least once if not twice.

1st time was the worst time for everyone, not for him. 2nd time people didnt even know about it or could do anything about it.

1st dance with the democracy devil was backdoors for encryption. 2nd was driving routes algorithms.

people wondered why their car chose that route this time past those shops when it did not the last time. nothing had changed? they were asking the wrong question, missing the point.

the 1st time was a 1 0000000ff payment. the 2nd time he was profit sharing on his human trafficking. if he did not provide the increase in traffic that he promised then he did not get a share of the increased profits.

the real skill in the coding was not forcing the car to go a specific route it was hiding that a fixed % of vehicles did not go another route – past competitors – probability routes that would make the desired destination virtually/reality improbable to go past.

at the next roundabout take the 2nd exit.

he chuckled.

take the 2nd exit.

he ignored.

his passenger gave a double take in vision/questions.

you know a better way than the route planner?