haptic frottage

haptic frottage rave will we be unlucky and make it into the rave?
wot u worried about? its illegal rave – aint exactly gonna be police on the door stopping you taking your dancing vitamins in.
your first rave with ravey davey organising the transport.
the last 3 I have never made it into the rave.
shit. thats bad.
no thats good.
fuckin awesome

once you were on the ravey davey train you normally only got off your faces.

getting pre mashed in his house with the other ravers who were not there – head nodding – time not plodding as he was already raving – mouth churning/gurning/burning/turning.

they all had to pay a lot extra for their particular gravy train – based on the google driverless cars – self drive coaches with single seats at the side – enough room to swing a twat.

it was stupid that they had to pay more for a completely automatic coach – seemed this was a special insurance job – that had to change in the future – obvious that humans should not be allowed to drive.

why would they want to when you could be drink raving – snorting/cavorting/porting was easier when your 2 hands werent tied to the millstone.

they stopped a few more times to pick up ravers on the way – who had only not been there in flesh – no one cared what route they took – it didnt matter

the rave had been live for 30 minutes and there was a good crowd there in both ways – those real/ghost raving – everyone socialising so no one need miss anything if they didnt want to

over 30000 at the rave.
fuckin awesome.
29000 ghosts including us – should be there in 20 minuuOOOOI OIIIIII how you doing in the flesh geezer!
fucking awesome – going off init! glad to be in here though were the real party is.
some fit tit about.
she’s fuckin awesome – she is also fuckin awesome – think I got the pill thrill on.
haptic frottage just aint the same.

how you doing mate?
fuckin awesome!
suns about to come up.
fuckin awesome!
told you it would be – thats the 1st/4th.
fuckin awesome!
everyones off their fucking tits – only ravers no dodgy drivers back home – only the after party with a few special select people and we have never left it!
fuckin awesome!

next time he would get into the rave – 5th time unlucky? stumbling off the bus needing a piss he went round the back and stumbled over a couple
fucking awesome!