big box small box

big box small box dance rave google cars it was one of the most illegal raves you could have back then. of course they are much different now – far more advanced/safer/better?

better? same happened to the old pubs i guess – dingy/stinky but alive – even if half that atmosphere/life was in the carpet/toilets.

the place/thing itself was enough – getting out alive after getting acquainted with the local nutters/beers – meant you had lived.

30 of the selectest people – 1000’s of not there ravers enjoying the music/thrill.

loud as fuck music/people/serotonin.

large as life/eyeballs/heartrates/fun/experience/stories.

it was a lock in rave – once you got in you couldnt get out until it was over – the only other option was you could hopefully crawl out battered/bruised/alive.

yeah thanks – mines a 100% proof pint of whatever that staggering into everyone old cunt is drinking.

the ‘google truck’ kept on trucking around the country – making various stops where a human in the vicinity would electronically confirm that the something had been done so it could carry on its journey – lorry/container/ravers/music/drugs/hands/blood/air/lights/feet/living never stopped moving/pumping until it was back where we had all begun the journey.

nah – motorways were actually best! before google cars they had windows in those days but you kept them shut due to fumes/weather/noise.

when they opened those doors it was rebirth – just like that first time coming out of your mums cunt without a nurse waiting giving you an early lesson on what life is going to constantly do to you and no sun glasses to reduce the blinding with the lights, blinding with the lights.

you see this scar/hollow on this arm/skull – thats when we were accidented. very proud to say a legend called ravey davey done me skull. even though we are all fucked up in other ways thanks to him at least he wont be forgotten by me.

no – signed up for the next one while I was still in the hospital. i always follow good advice from our elders/betters – when you fall off the horse tranquilliser you got to get straight back on it.

yeah i know these wouldnt happen like that to you nowadays. thats your pity.