cow ambush meme

self driving cars crimes vehicles sci fi science fiction short story storiesthe ware upgrade made it possible – the urban joke known as the cow ambush meme.

in your area it might be the sheep/pigs/llamas/kangaroo ambush but it was the same worldwide google driverless car crime meme.

the crew would test all the automated cars manufacturers/software for it every so often just in this case …

3 sheets to the wind

their codeword – as you knew that the governments/police were listening to everything/everyone to defend your freedom of speech against those who wanted to stop you being able to say anything you wanted without the threat of punishment if they didnt like it – was 3 sheets to the wind.

the self driving car braked to a halt. waited for the surprise/unrouted wall to move. There had only been 1 blocking the road in front. but nearly instantly now there were 3 surrounding it – with the hedge side of the road the car could not go anywhere. their car robotically/automatically/automobilically waited, the situation would resolve itself either now or in time.

in the latest/surrealist/stoned discussions on the most modern of car crimes they had argued about 3 things the most. not about the criminal act.

what to wear?

cow ambush google cars crime ideas criminal acts software self driving cars memethe ambush barrier – as the ultimate fuck you could they use large rolls of paper like the old newspapers printing presses?

should they use cow pattern fabric? could they buy/kill real full size cow hides and stick them to the fabric?

but most importantly did they need any accomplices?

those of the crew not holding the long fabric sheets up/around the google car then charged at the vehicle

stand and deliver your money or your wife!

if no goods then a transfer of virtual currency or gaming items would have been demanded.

the people inside refused saying that the police had been notified.

thats great but they aint here and we are.

the crew slashed the tyres and because the couple had chosen a budget version of self drive car it was an older converted manual car and had windows. they smashed those – the couple had no choice as they did have 10 seconds to comply, you have 9 seconds to comply … they handed over stuff.

the crew were thankful they didnt have to accept virtual goods but it had to be done properly to show it was real – to be news/remembered/1st/original/immortal. they somehow forget to steal the couples wedding rings.