uber sherpa

uber-sherpathey have to move into the modern age he had told his dad

they could be their own bosses – have others working for them – with his idea

they would get paid for exactly how much effort/distance they actually walked/climbed/carried.

they will want to use it as its modern – especially the americans as they love/worship any technology that is new

they were going to use a chinese hacked version of the uber taxi software

they even had dreams of surge pricing – the more going up the more your sherpa services go up

they were UberSherpa only once.

they got paid so little for the one climb of mount everest that they never risked using it again.

they had not vectored in a mountain triangle having 3 sides.

they went up/up/up/up down/down/down/down the greatest distance up/down on this planet that you can carry a huge amount of gear on your back for rich other people – so that others could think they had become their own superman by going up/down the mountain.

uber sherpa went across/back.