30 second sci fi stories book

30 second sci fi Philip Trippenbach book cover30 second sci fi stories? mostly about advance futuristic science fiction? 365 stories in 1 book?

philip trippenbach delivers insta sci fi stories and in style – sci fi for the twitter generation.

dip in and out as much as you want – lots of variety – read a few until you hit the precious gemstones hidden amongst the good/interesting other gemstones – some make you laugh – some are stunning – none are longer than a one minute story.

the not very science fiction way of reading it with a physical book seems a better way to read it but you will need that most old fashioned of things – a book mark. but the book is expensive compared to the kindle version.

perfect for reading while the kettle is boiling for a cuppa tea – while the adverts are on – the girlfriend is inanely rambling on and she knows you are not paying attention but at least she is getting to talk to you/someone.