a case of conscience – old sci fi book

a case of conscience james blish old classic sci fi booka case of conscience by james blish (published in 1958)

where the hell did the second half of this old sci fi book come from?

a case of conscience is split into two parts and the first part is a bit of a struggle to start with. james blish goes straight into his philosophy/thinking/discussion and as thats mostly about religion/theology it might not be for some people.

you also need to have a dictionary handy to read it or perhaps a bit of decent education. lots of technical/science talk, ideas and sci fi invention.

what is also great is that he really goes into the modern science fiction idea that alien life forms will naturally live in a very different society.

a case of conscience james blish old science fiction story bookat the end of the first part it starts to get interesting with a couple of great ideas and the ending of the first book gets you hooked as to what will happen. and what will happen in the second half?

second part of the book? omg. once the second half gets going it explodes into directions that are hard if not impossible to predict.

it would be good to know if james blish got the ending for book then reversed engineered the sci fi parts of the story or how he constructed it.

did this book inspire the man who fell to earth book?

as its a short book and quick read its certainly worth reading, not one of the great classics but for the 1950’s when it was written has to be considered at least vintage if not classic for its era. some may find it totally to their taste and a very different sci fi story to the normal, while others may not like it.