a plague of demons

a plague of demons cover keith laumera plague of demons by keith laumer (published in 1964)

mad plot lines, fantastic hard tech science ideas, comedy, mental powers, aliens, big fuck off robots, conspiracy of aliens living on planet earth and assuming positions of power – a plague of demons book is a typical keith laumer science fiction story

if you can handle improbable coincidences but essential for the pure enjoyment of the story, 1960s ideas of advanced technology and lots of fun then this could be for you

no need to explain the plot as its a laumer book and there is not even one paragraph to catch your breath – the only slight slow down is when describing a scene. a very short sci fi book that is perfect to easily finish in a couple of evenings

as usual keith laumer proposes and hides some ideas that are deep thinking and great future technological concepts in what on the surface appears to be a pulp fiction type book – the ideas behind the ending are certainly much deeper than you might expect – and for those who liked laumers bolo books this has a large story arc of bolo tank action

the 1965 printed version of a plague of demons is a proper old sci fi paperback book – smells musty and has a great ron burgundy colour to the edges of the pages