a promise of time travel movie review

a promise of time travel (2016) movie review: what you imagine a low budget science fiction film to be like – especially if you have not watched many of the good lo fi productions

there is something here and if you can keep chugging along at the slow pace the ending might be worth it – or not – it really depends on what you like/want from a science fiction movie at that precise time

everything about it is near zero budget – good/bad acting/sets/effects/involvement

and if you do/dont like it would you go back and change your decision to watch it?

a promise of time travel movie review 2016

a promise of time travel movie reviews

Regret is not exclusive to old age. It starts in our youth with every misstep, broken promise, and lost friendship. It is not just mourning the loss of what we once had, but a yearning for what might have been.

The fantasy of time travel is about looking backward. What would we change? Where would we be today if we’d made a different choice ten years ago? In the absence of actually being able to go back in time, the fantasy is depressing; a psychological holding cell that keeps us from enjoying the present or crafting a future.

But what if the possibility was more than a fantasy? What if you saw a way to be with the one you always loved, but could never have? The promise alone might push you to do things you never thought possible.
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