you will remain indian

science fiction story indian call centres ai artificial intelligence already hereare you indian?
please can you repeat the question again?
are you working in an indian call centre?
i am trying my best to help you sir but i am having trouble understanding what you are requesting.
look mate, can i speak to your supervisor or someone who speaks proper english?
i will escalate the call to my supervisor to help resolve your issue and action your request.

the bloke waited – thinking that the foreign call centre chap was obviously reading from a script – bloody foreigners – why couldnt he talk to someone english or who a least understood a decent amount of the kings english?

hello sir – i am the shift supervisor – my name is damian – i apologise for your previous inconvenience but my colleague david is new and being trained.
science fiction story algorithm workign ai artificial intelligence call centers
the bloke had his instinctive/trained/triggered 2 sentence grumble that the supervisors script apology was designed to create – from countless exposures through entertainment including the universal death trigger reply of im sorry – so the bloke felt better/empathy and the social process could move on.

the bloke thought this supervisor sounded more english and seemed to understand most of the questions he was asking – they talked and got the issue resolved. why couldnt he have spoken to someone who spoke english first? like that jay he often spoke to.
sci fi stories involving ai artificial intelligence that is already here working
later that week at davids team review it was obvious david would have to remain indian

those in the team review were 33/33/33 – everyone was pleased/disappointed/appalled with how he had worked out.

david had logically worked through one issue that had always defeated the logic of jay – had failed to get over half way through the processes for some of the other standard non standard customers queries – surprisingly failed spectacularly in some others.

how did supervisor jays upgrade do?
not as predicted.
better than even supervisor davids performance – jays new algorithm should definitely be promoted to senior supervisor level before david.
everyone agreed then – a new posher english accent for jay?
wont that upset damian?