alternatives to reality

alternatives to reality brain networkswhat are the alternatives to reality? if you ignore the starting problem of determining what/whose reality is the base line …

the ganymede takeover reality 1 – your brain selects the inputs it allows to process, therefore choosing your reality. it can ignore or not process actual reality events without you blatantly realising it.

alternatives to reality the ganymede takeover 1

the not knowing reality – if you do not know what something physically is or happening then how can your brain process it for what it really is? arthur c clarke said any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. it is urban myth (or reality?) that the native south americans could not comprehend what the spanish conquistador large galley were when they first appeared, as they had no knowledge of ships of that size or fabrication before.

alternatives to reality not knowing

the not expecting it to be there reality – walking along the street with other people coming the opposite way, looking at them when suddenly one of them talks to you, someone you know well but didnt recognise even though you had looked at their face the moment before they talked to you. or some of the better 3d chalk art?

alternatives to reality not expecting

the ganymede takeover reality 2 – when things effect how your brain/body processes and how you feel. (review of the ganymede takeover book)

the dogs reality – david cronenberg says reality is neurology – someone or something sharing the same space and moment as you experiences it completely different because they can not experience it the same as you.

the long steps reality – an unlimited amount of alternative universes happening at the same time that you can step into. they are all slightly differently evolved to each other but all exist now. from terry practhcett and stephen baxter the long earth series of books.

imperium alternative realities
– keith laumer’s book worlds of the imperium (review) describes a universe with infinite alternative realities that are so close to your reality that you can step sideways into them and back without knowing it – all the time or just once. that cup of tea that you are sure you put down on the other side of the table? looking for those car keys and then finding them where you had already looked and they were not there? its a fascinating idea for alternative reality that actually could work and be living in.