kuggen building the cogwheel  Chalmers University Gothenburg  Sweden buildings shouldnt just be carbuncles or things that are built there at the cheapest cost but at an uncalculable high cost to our standard of living – they could/should inspire and be part of the fabric of our living experience

architecture not architorture

architorture buildings desings life

and if a building has to be functional – that commercial excuse for not being allowed to invest back into life through money and imagination – then companies should be made to put in some small effort to tart the architecture up

architorture colorful carbuncle
colorfull carbuncle?

architorture office building

it doesnt take/cost that much as very small details can make all the difference from more concrete cancer infecting our architorture viruseyes

architorture skyscraper

modern architorture architecture colour color buildings office blocks

then there is modern architorture that does inspire the soul – like the Shimao Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai – it will be interesting to see if it does end up being built/looking like the architects vision and what it will look like in 20 years time

architorture hotel Shimao Intercontinental Hotel Shanghai