asterix proved right to worry about skyfall on his head

skyfall review badasterix, obelix and the gauls were only afraid of one thing that they knew would happen in the future … and that was the skyfall on their heads. and no wonder. what a frighteningly bad thing that they didnt know would be a frighteningly bad bond film they knew it would in a childhoods end future shock.

skyfall was very worryingly over hyped before its release – a sign that it is either very bad or good and it turned out to be the former.

skyfall might be a good film in its own right to some people but as a bond franchise film it was pants. the villain did what with all those computer servers? what actually happened in the film? he knew that bond would catch up with him at that precise time so the explosives would bring down that empty tube train that happened to be passing … viruseyes could go on but wont as it is best forgotten although viruseyes never will be able to get rid of its non impress ion.

for the first time ever at a cinema viruseyes chose to miss some of a film to go and down a double whiskey hoping that it might make the film better – like it does with women.

viruseyes is with asterix on this and that the only thing to fear is the skyfall on your head.