battlestar galactica book

battlestar galactica book original battlestar galactica by glen larson and robert thurston (published in 1978)

the original battlestar galactica book that the 1978/1979 tv series and movie was based on. this story is the plot line for the television pilot show – saga of a star world.

if you have only seen the superb 2004 reboot series then the stories will be sort of familiar but some of the important characters have been radically changed!

this book is very interesting as it adds a lot of background stuff – you have notes from the adama journals – also especially the thoughts of the head of the cylons – the imperious leader – that reveals the cylons society/civilisations and why they actually hate humans and want to exterminate them from the universe

battlestar galactica book saga of a star world

if you have not seen any of the battlestar galactica films/shows then it might not be that good a science fiction book but for fans it will certainly be worth reading