low budget horror movies list and reviews

low budget horror movies lists reviewslow budget horror and psychological thriller movies list and reviews – these are not hollywood blockbusters full of cgi and expensive special effects. most of these will have been produced for under a couple of $million, some for under $100,000 or micro budgets.

it follows (horror)
reminiscence: the beginning (science fiction, horror)
cube (action, psychological thriller)
we are still here (possession horror)
driller (slasher horror)
skyquake (horror)
zombeavers (slasher, zombies)
white creek (psychological thriller)
hide and creep (comedy, zombie)
out of the fog (psychological thriller)
stake land (comedy, vampires)
pontypool (comedy, zombies)

it follows

it follows movie review horror low budget
it follows movie is the sort of reason why some people do not or can not watch horror movies. if scary films unfortunately do to you what is intended then this may be quite terrifying.

the idea/acting/production is great for a budget of around $1,300,000 – it may be one of the best modern low budget horrors. disturbing and horrific because it could just happen – to you. something evil follows victims around – what would or could you do to stop being killed?


zombeavers 2014 movie review
zombeavers movie (2014) great fun or drinking game with your friends. only tries to be what it is – a slasher comedy with nods to 1970s and 1980s gore flicks. even the zombie beavers are mechanical and not cgi. just enjoy the laughs and what they are doing. and look forward to zombees – the follow up movie?

lo fi looking production but made for nearly $2,000,000 budget

reminiscence: the beginning

reminiscence: the beginning 2014 movie low budget sci fi horror science fiction
reminiscence: the beginning movie (2014) is either quite terrifying or absolute turkish student art house boring rubbish

very slow starting half an hour but the story is being set. after this there are some real disturbing scenes. psychological thriller/horror with science fiction themes. really good keep you awake late at night or will make you fall asleep


lo fi sci fi very budgets 
production mumblecore science fiction
cube movie ($375,000 made in 1997) – not modern but such a cult horror classic small budget film showing how film makers could do it in the future. only a couple of sets used but in fantastic production a whole video created.

a psychological thriller with horror/gore thrown in and tight plot line/pace – super stuff

we are still here

we are still here movie review 2015
we are still here movie directed in 2015 but based in the 1970s is a good version of the possessed house horror story you have watched numerous times

we are still here slowly builds the characters/tension then explodes into full throttle. its all familiar possession horror tale but the directors/producers manage to give it enough variation to make it of lower budget interest – especially if you like this sort of film from the genre.

its a good low budget horror with enough splatter gore and the whole possession thing is different to most you will see – worth keeping going to see the hectic gore pace of the last part of the movie


driller movie 2006 review
driller movie (2006) is proper low budget slasher horror film that is mixture of invasion of the bodies snatchers, 70s classic horror the driller killer and the evil dead, mixed with fantastic fun of zombeavers. there is no official cost for production but it is estimated to be $300,000?

the very brief space/alien science fiction start then becomes a basically slasher gore movie with a bit of sci fi story. the rock band dudes keep you interested and amused for first 30 minutes then its your love of real true low fidelity special effects that keep you going to the end.

this will be either pure indie filming enjoyment or exasperation. some surprisingly good lo fi and effects moments

white creek

white creek movie review low budget film alternative universes
white creek movie (2014) filmed with $9000 kickstarter budget but looking such a much larger financial backing – how much do you think the production cost in total?

its a quiet/slow psychological thriller with surprises of gore. things are happening during the film and there is philosophical discussions

if you like different feels to your movies then this may be for you. depending on what you want it will be superb/boring

hide and creep

hide and creep movie film review zombies
hide and creep movie (2004) really good/humorous american zombie film produced for estimated $20,000. if you liked the zombieland, stake land style then you should really enjoy this great low budget zombies splatter gore fest


skyquake movie 2015
skyquake movie (2015) is a real micro budget psychological thriller/horror filmed in 10 days

the ending should be a real surprise, very unlikely you or anyone else watching it will be able to guess what it is all about. some will hate the revelations as a sort of cop out but after thinking/discussing it it might have really changed some other parts – making these better but maybe making others not so good

out of the fog

out of the fog movie review disccusion 2009 plot
out of the fog movie (2009) is a small budget psychological thriller. it is slow with a few surprising wtf moments. it will fill a gap if virtual no budget filming ‘what is happening’ is your sort of thing

you might struggle to keep going with it to find out what is happening. the very ending seems to have no relevance/mention in the film unless it was due to chinese whispers?

stake land

stake land movie 2010 review
stake land movie (2010) vampire comedy horror – awesome film making/acting for estimated $650,000 low budget


pontypool movie filmed in 2009 for estimated $1,500,000 budget. good stuff.

similar to lexicon and a bit of snowcrash – the power of conversationalists words mixed with zombie gore humour. exactly the sort of independent and well acted/produced creation you were looking for