an englishmans home is his castle doctrine game

the castle doctrine game permadeaththe castle doctrine game is about your home protection through fiendish lock puzzles or lethal entrapment, that you create using electrical logic circuits to power electrocutions, pits and gates. not forgetting pit bulls that can be unleashed on the prey.

or when you are on the other side of the electric wired wooden wall its about getting your fair share of their dirty home owner wealth that they have got through luring people into their traps and killing them.

in england – where an englishmans home is his not really his castle – when being burgled or setting up your home ‘security’ what is it that goes beyond reasonable force?

and if you were rewarded with cash for burglars that you killed in your house what would you do? what would your neighbourhood do?

the castle doctrine – life reflecting game?

the castle doctrine game booby trapsin america and for the game name and theme they use the phrase the castle doctrine. if you want to practice not doing a tony martin but doing a proper job of it then this is the game for you. but be warned the game is by jason rohrer and its like nothing you have played before.

there are so many review complaints about how stupid the castle doctrine game/mechanics are because all you seem to do is die. in your own home from your own traps or when burgling other homes. and like life the games death is a permadeath. spend weeks building up a great house then stupidly kill yourself in a dumb instant and lose everyfuckingthing. then its time to start again and go out robbing and looking for where tony martin now lives.

the castle doctrine game review spy vs spy for those old enough to have played a game called spy vs spy then its a bit like that. a bit. although this title would have been spiv vs spiv.

castle doctrine game is not set up as a normal game so dont expect any ‘fair’ only lots of fail. if you dont like it you can try to get out of the kitchen or do the decent thing and suicide yourself. sometimes there is no other option.

the castle doctrine game entrapmentthe good news – for all englishman castle owners and any other nationality – is that you get a cash bounty every time a burglar suicides themself in your castle. if your commit traps and electric floors kill them then you get to keep what you kill which is all the swag in their bag.

how interesting would that be in real life? would you leave that window and curtain slightly open at night? what deathly puzzle could you create with that slippery welcome mat? and no one could be scared shitless and instantly run away from an innocent looking cat that always backs away from a burglar?