chessboard planet – classic sci fi stories

chessboard planet lewis padgettchessboard planet (1946) by lewis padgett

amazing. published just after the 2nd world war yet reads like a modern science fiction book. apart from a few old words you wouldnt know it was that old.

completely spellbinding with lots of surreal stuff. if you like hallucinogenics then this book will make you feel in a familiar world and make you laugh.

if you get an old pulp fiction magazine type book with the chessboard planet by itself (like the images on this page from a galaxy novel) then it is a short si fi story with action, ideas, thoughts on nearly every page. discussion and thinking about life stuff to keep the intellectuals interested.

chessboard planet lewis padgett coverthis book was originally published in 1946(!) as the fairy chessmen and the story is about … if you need to know then click on the image to read the back of the book, but just buy it or read a version of it without knowing what its about. it is a total classic of the old sci fi stories.

one of those books that you want to forget you have read so you can go back and read it again for the first time.


the chessboard planet book is advertised with henry kuttner as the author – this was joint author name of the couple henry kuttner and c l moore who used the joint pseudonym of lewis padgett. you can buy the chessboard planet book at amazon.

at the moment the single book is not really available for uk people but you can get the chessboard planet and other stories for only a few pounds.