children of dune – classic sci fi trilogy

children of dune book frank herbertchildren of dune by frank herbert (published in 1976).

children of dune is the last book in the original dune trilogy and is an awesome ending to this part of the series.

delving even further into the history/mythology/religion of the dune universe and exploring the authors thoughts on reality/religion this book is more like the first book in the series.

if you enjoy the philosophy of books like zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance or the tao of jung then there is a good chance you will enjoy the dune series.

children of dune book cover frank herbertits style/story fits well with the previous books and the ending – although quick again – is surprising and leaves it open for future books – much like the previous books.

you get the feeling frank herbert has enjoyed a trip or 3 with how he describes various mystical experiences.

you really need to read the dune trilogy in order and if you have read the others you will want to read this.

super stuff with lots of little twists along the way.