death car on the freeway movie

death car on the freeway movie made in 1979 meaning lots of bad and awesome things – old school driving stunts involving lots of cars in real action and death defying scenes. the movie also known as wheels of death should really be called the death van on the freeway

death car on the freeway movie film hal needham

you can watch the first 3 minutes of the film which shows you exactly what 1970s vehicle stunt driving, look and sound it is. this film is not even a cult classic as it was made for tv and is not even available to watch online and only in dvd format

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Believe me, with that maniac, you KNOW, without a doubt in the world. I have never been so scared in my life, and I’ve been through major surgery twice.
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death car on the freeway

its directed by hal needham who did stunts or directed some of the original greatest car chase and car stunt films such as smokey and the bandit and the cannonball run – so you now whats coming.

death car on the freeway old school crashes

the acting and story line is so 1970s but the heroine actor – Shelley Hack – does actually act well – the rest of the cast including george hamilton ham it up or are cheap labour actors.

morte na auto-estrada

Jan: Isn’t it true that Terrina Manns was being attacked by the Fiddler when she was stopped by a highway patrolman, who not only let the Fiddler get away, but insisted on citing her for speeding?

Lieutenant Haller: Well I don’t have any information on that but if the lady was stopped for speeding, she probably was speeding. Unfortunately we don’t have enough men to be everywhere at once. Now if that’s all the questions, thank you.

Jan: But why did the patrolman stop Terrina Manns instead of the van? Because he was more interested in a pretty woman alone in a sporty car?
death car on the freeway film quote

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to go with the super old style action sequences you have a crazeee driver with psycho electro blue grass music death theme – the crazy van driver is nicknamed ‘the freeway fiddler’ and take that whichever way you want.

death car on the freeway made for television movie film

I was heading back to the club. There was this black van in the lane next to me, so I cut in front of him, you got to cut in front of somebody if you want to get off the freeway. So I cut in front of him and the next thing I know all of a sudden, this van is pushing me from behind so fast that I miss the Victory Boulevard exit. And then he came up alongside me and he pushed me off the freeway, just forced me off the freeway
death car on the freeway film quote

car chase movies films hal needhamits a television movie to watch for its old style car stunts, explosions and crashes. the leading lady doesnt even get her tits out for the lads.

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you only watch the death car on the freeway film for the great old style car crashes and chase sequences – with roads taken over by the stunt drivers risking their lives with every dangerous stunt and chase – signs of previous stunts all over the place with car tyre skid marks – wheel tracks on road sides and verges

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its fantastic real life car crashes, car stunts. no continuity with the chase scenes on the freeway due to the amount of cars being choreographed with no computers/cgi to fix things like that. lots of tyre skid marks on the roads from previous filming of the same scenes. at the start of the movie they repeatedly use the same few seconds of the speedometer

death car on the freeway

death car stunts car and explosions on the freeway

its such a true 1970s made for television movie that in a world where film drivel seems easily available there is no movie DVD – not even in a compilation
death car on the freeway

no death car on the freeway video streaming in the year of our lord 2018 – it really is a straight to tv production

wheels of death

if you ever get to watch it on your tv then record it and marvel in it

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the freeway fiddler?

autoroute pour la mort

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Dr Rita Glass: what I can offer tonight is a sort of psychological profile based on what we already know about the killer. Let’s take the attacks themselves. We already know that the victims are all women traveling the freeway alone. We also know that they were all reasonably attractive, and there is strong evidence to suggest that in each case the driver of the car performed some sort of maneuver which was perceived by the killer as an act of aggression, causing the killer to say in effect ‘Hey, you women are just getting too big for your britches’.
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death car on the freeway

the freeway fiddler

Lieutenant Haller: I’d like to say that the public can play an important role in cases like this, especially in a preventive sense. Women especially can help by not making themselves candidates for the Fiddler. You might be interested to know that between them, the victims have accumulated 10 moving violations in the last 3 years. And one of them, Becky Lyons, has had her license suspended on at least one occasion.
Jan: Lieutenant, are you saying it was somehow these women’s fault that they were attacked by the Freeway Fiddler?
Jan: How can you pursue this case effectively if you feel this way? You’re talking about 10 violations in 3 years? There’ve been 12 victims, that’s not even one violation a piece. That’s nothing.
Lieutenant Haller: No that’s not nothing, that’s something, because 9 of those women are dead.
death car on the freeway movie quote

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no freeway fiddling soundtrack – how much would you pay for that tape?

death car on the freeway todesfalle auf dem highway