deathsport – worst sci fi movie ever?

deathsportis the deathsport movie one of the worst science fiction movies ever?

but so bad that its good?

but there are things that turn it into an underground cult classic – lots of motorcycles (death machines) exploding – huge explosion blowing up most things – playboy model claudia jennings in the nude – david carradine’s acting turning what is meant to be a hippy warrior known as a ranger guide into a dismissive cunt – with no cgi action scenes but pure oldschool explosions and pyrotechnics with a couple of special effect laser zaps to show how futuristic it was for its time – and more destructocycles and things being blown up in explosions.

considering how terrible the death sport book is the death sport movie is much, much worse! there are better movie differences thought -the motorbikes are called death machines in the book but destructocycles in the film – lots and lots of fireball explosions in the second half of the movie.
this 1978 sword and sorcery film directed by roger corman is so bad that it turns into a fantastic film to enjoy.

one of the main problems with the film is that they have chosen the best lines and bits from the book but with no explanation or introduction of what they mean or that scene. it appears as if random lines and events are just shown as the movie goes along. and that its an hour long multiple motorbike chase which if you like to view the same scenery again and again and again is great.
death sport
is this a spoiler alert? one of the best examples of the non explanation is the prison breakout – how the son appears – the big build up to the ranger guides blasting them out of the prison by taking it in turn to fire and they only fire 1 shot each before the wall is broken through but they are stopped after only those 3 shots. in the book the anti matter blasters only scratch the walls surface so the guides have to spend hours blasting the wall to even make a dent.
with the length of the film this is surprising considering how short the terribly delivered dialogue and woefully wooden acting bits of the story are, compared to the destructocycle sections.

the motorbike chases and explosions are great, proper old school stuff. and going round and around and around the fuel storage is awesome with random ramps helping the destructocycles jump through rings of fire.
even the deathsport movie sound effects add to the whole funfest – helix city doors open with star wars darth vadar breathing noise and the the motorcycles sound effect of going super fast is the tie fighter scream.

death sport movie is one you have to watch at least once if not many times. if you cant stream the video then you can buy the deathsport dvd.

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