deathsport – fantasy sci fi book

deathsport book William Hughesdeathsport by william hughes (published in 1978)

deathsport is a book based on the screenplay of the deathsport movie (review) by roger corman. it is a mixture of sword and sort of sorcery fantasy with science fiction – a sort of early steampunk book.

william hughes – the books writer with the task of converting the films screenplay into a book – has gone to town on flowery descriptive language of everything. an event, object or even a look can not just be that one simple thing and line, it is like many other things and certainly worthy of a full paragraph. why write a sentence when a paragraph will do? it seems like the authors attempt at a book oscar performance – bookscar

the film production seems far more interesting!

the death sport, cities and world story and ideas do not seem that original now but maybe that is due to these types of fantasy sci fi books and films (sword and sorcery) having been written in the first place, back in the 1970s and 1980s?
deathsport screenplay book film movie david carradine claudia jennings
some will love the mixture of eastern mysticism, swords, motorbikes with anti matter blasters, loin clothed warriors, mutants (early zombies) and the future science fiction of an apocalyptic world.

others may find that the death sport story seems to drag on with not much really happening or being revealed, all waiting for the death sports and death duels to finally come.

death sport film

reading up on the deathsport film making of it on imdb or on wikipedia, it seems to be much more fun than reading and having to try to finish the book.

mostly we just blew up motorcycles. lots of them. we also set some mutants on fire. and the stunning claudia jennings got naked. david carradine… smoked a lot of high-grade weed and helped us to blow stuff up.

for those interested in old school motorcycle crashes, car chases, stuntmen and no cgi the deathsport film might be an interesting one to watch.

roger corman’s deathsport film is not easily found – as the book title and the action in the book has it as death sport and not one word – and the movie is not available at the moment to buy or stream on amazon. but you can buy a double feature roger corman dvd with both deathsport and battle truck on it!