defiance – sci fi drama series

defiance science fiction series tv dramadefiance science fiction drama series had its 1st season released in 2013.

defiance is a great sci fi tv series in the style of babylon 5 but based on a much changed and terraformed earth. a number of different types of alien civilisations on our planet with a much reduced and weakened human race.

defiance sci fi series episodes aliensthe 1st series is a good introduction and the start and first half of the 2nd series is awesome. then you have a mental episode with – of course – a nice bit of a sing song. after that it is great but with a few things that really make no sense apart from moving the story along or bringing in some silly plots.

if you love science fiction movies and series then this is a must watch as it mixes all the clash of cultures with hardish science fiction with lots of action.

there is a background story/cannon that does not easily/fully get explained. after the first series you might want to do a bit of reading about why/how/what stuff is – the votanis collective – the 7 individual alien races that make up the collective including the castithans/indogenes/irathients.

defiance sci fi tv dramas

was the part of the story with the alien races living on earth inspired by one of the stories in the sci fi book equator?

if you like lucius malford, flashman and those type of cads/heroes then you will be voting for datak tarr – the real hero of defiance – all the way

you can watch defiance now on amazon videos