dr bloodmoney – philip k dick sci fi book

dr bloodmoney book review philip k dick doctordr bloodmoney by philip k dick (published in 1965)

dr bloodmoney 1960s science fiction book by the brilliant philip k dick is one of his earlier sci fi stories – investigating the possible sort of paranormal/telepathic/psychokinesis human world that could exist in the future of an altered world.

doctor bloodmoney is one of pkds easier and simpler books to read.

you wont guess where the story and characters are going in the future, which is one of the delights of this sci fi book. there a at least a couple of genius story lines/surprises.

the science fiction ideas and story behind the book are now dated, with technology and human history having overtaken them – either proving most of his predictions way out of line or the year of our lord having gone past them.
dr bloodmoney cover philip k dick science fiction story stories sci fi
this was written during the advent of the apollo moon missions and before most space travel, spacecraft and satellite missions. so dick has to create a space travelling future with only a short space history and future missions to work with.

one of the great things about dr bloodmoney is that at the end of the book the author gives his views on the book and himself, which is really interesting to read and adds to the readers knowledge of the person behind the writer when combined with his notes in the golden man collection of short sci fi stories.