dune messiah – classic science fiction story

dune messiah book frank herbert front coverdune messiah by frank herbert (published in 1971).

dune messiah is the second part of the dune trilogy but very different to the original dune story although it has all the same characters and based on the arrakis planet (dune review) – but goes deep into the story/character/vision of the hero/villain muad’dib.

the story looks into religion/government/legacy/empires but its main exploration seems to be about fate and how it effects people/universes – if you have a vision of the future can you avoid it? does the vision make you act in accordance with the vision so its self fulfilling? can you change the future or does it change you? do you have an axe vision – how much or little can change of the original vision before it is not the original vision? etc

dune messiah book cover trilogy second frank herbertnot much action happens and its a book of subtle plots that are meant to intrigue you as to what/why/will it be allowed to happen. expanding on the legends/mythology of dune as hinted in the first book.

its a short book and you couldnt really read it by itself and understand most of what it is about.

another great thing about it is the book cover – no text on the back and great imagery by bruce pennington which you are unlikely to see its like again – but not what you imagined it would look like?

and as its the 2nd part of the dune trilogy then what will the 3rd book be like and about?

dune messiah book covers artwork