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dune book review frank herbert front book coverdune by frank herbert (published in 1965).

dune. awesome. it is science fictions version of lord of the rings – you even get lots of sing songs.

apart from the singing it is super stuff – full of a wonderful strange world and detailed future human culture that the the author frank herbert has created a future universe.

if you have seen the old dune movie – which itself is excellent considering when it was made, the scope of the book and the special effects they did or did not have available – then that will spoil or has revealed most of the plot line and the awesomeness of the the world of arrakis and what life it does and does not support.

dune book review frank herbert back coverthe book is full of its own mythology/religion/politics that are believable – the missionaria proctectiva is sublime.

perhaps the only downside is the speed of the ending with this book when it has built up to what you are hoping will be a titanic struggle. but there is are more books in the dune series, so this books ending has to reflect that.

dune is one of those absolute classic sci fi books that you have to read. such a classic there was even an old god game called dune!

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