equator – 1950s sci fi short stories

equator book brian aldiss science fiction storiesequator by brian aldiss (published in 1958)

equator is 2 short stories – equator and segregation – involving space science fiction and vaguely something to do with a planets equator.

the best thing about this book is the awesome artwork on the front cover. which seems to have nothing to do with the 2 sci fi stories.

these stories must have been fresh in the 1950 and 1960’s, when the subjects were new, with alternative thinking about what they would mean to those involved.
equator book cover 1950s brian aldiss sci fi
now they seem a bit dated and the themes have been covered to death or our thinking about these things is so much more ‘advanced’. especially the 2nd story with all our politically correct thinking and consideration of others and new worlds. its like a what not do to when encountering a new world. or what humans have and perhaps always will do when encountering anything else and each other that they consider lesser than them.

the second best thing about this book is that it is very short.

you may enjoy reading them if you like brian aldiss and when you consider when they were written, they are good space sci fi stories.

there are a couple of good lines of thinking in the stories, one in each.

Progress was a fever from which many parts of the world were still immune; a thousand centuries on, and paddy fields would still be cultivated by hand. For a race set on attaining their blessings in the life to come, material innovation may be a complete irrelevance.