free drinks mate

free drinks promotion offers bonus conthe 5th doorman had some crazy things on his criminal record. he reckoned he was completely innocent and vindicated for all of them. shame the judges didnt think so.

the supermarket store detective caught up with him in the carpark.

i am not thinking i am doing it, walking to my car. why do you call me mate, do i know you?

not paying? i dont understand, my friend

but why would i pay for them when they are free, my pal

but the sign said they were free, my homie

so they are not free. trading standards watchdog here i come, my nigga

thats not free. thats an agreement to buy 2 packs of drinks for that price

after the court case the 5th doorman suspected that whenever the supermarket store detective met the judge the judge called him mate and definitely not my nigga