future car crime?

future car crime self drive vehicles criminals googlewhat will future car crime be like?

what will crime against google cars – self driving vehicles – automated cars – be? ambushes, carjacking, carhacking?

what will virtual and real criminals plan and be able to do to google driverless cars?

how will the software coders and self drive car manufacturers do to combat future cyber car crime?

future car crime ideas

future crime cars vehicles self driving ideas automated google science fictionthe cow ambush meme short sci fi story looks at the possibility of very basic car ambush in the near future due to a software update failure – as you would expect that sort of easy car ambush idea would be one of the first that will be avoidable.

for another very basic vehicle ambush could you use large mirrors or reflecting material at front/back of the road to stop the car?

future crimes cars google driverless transportation criminals story stories sci fiinternet/wifi hackers getting control of your cars software/controls and you have to pay a ransom to get control back or speed/crash or go over a cliff top?

or being really vulgar they divert your car to where a gang of old fashioned hoodlums are waiting?

or to the local gay bar or mormon church if they know through your social information that you are not that way inclined?

future crime including transportation and self driving car crime

some links below to other peoples/sites articles and ideas about future society crime and self driving vehicles effect on that society.

future crimes – connected humans

when humans are part of things – connected to the internet of things – what human future crime could there be?

Digitizing our thoughts may have some negative consequences, of course.

With our brains online, every concern about privacy, about hacking, about surveillance from the NSA or others, would all be magnified. If thoughts are truly digital, could the right hacker spy on your thoughts? Could law enforcement get a warrant to read your thoughts? Heck, in the current environment, would law enforcement (or the NSA) even need a warrant? Could the right malicious actor even change your thoughts?

The ultimate interface would bring the ultimate new set of vulnerabilities. (Even if those scary scenarios don’t come true, could you imagine what spammers and advertisers would do to an interface of your neurons, if it were the least bit non-secure?)

Everything good and bad about technology would be magnified by implanting it deep in brains. Is the risk of brain-hacking outweighed by the societal benefits of faster, deeper communication, and the ability to augment our own intelligence?
The Ultimate Interface Is Your Brain

future crimes – marc goodman book and articles

future crimes book marc goodman cover
future crimes book by marc goodman: a journey to the dark side of technology – and how to survive it

marc goodman articles about his future crimes book:

  • hacked dog, a car that snoops on you and a fridge full of adverts: the perils of the internet of things