god emperor of dune

God Emperor of Dune book cover review god emperor of dune by frank herbert (published in 1981)

the dune trilogy has been completed – what would you do next with one of the greatest science fiction stories ever?

if you are hoping for another clone of the original dune book then this will disappoint – frank herbert does what frank herbert does with each of the books – makes it very different to what you expected/experienced in the others

the god emperor of dune book is again another complete change to the story from what you might have thought the author would do, yet it has all the feel of a herbert dune story. if you really enjoyed the whole universe that the writer has created and the style of the writing then this will again not fail to deliver that and it is full of surprises from the start

God Emperor of Dune Frank Herbert reviews science fiction stories

the tyrant goes into the philosophy of what human civilsations/culture/history/religion/empires are about while fitting it into the fourth instalment of his arrakis world and universe

its the dune version of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance – lots of philosophising while events sort of happen but not at a quick pace