i, robot – classic science fiction stories

i robot book Isaac Asimov robots 3 laws roboticsi, robot by isaac asimov (published in 1950)

i, robot is one of the most classic science fiction book of short stories – if not the original robot sci fi book that changed and inspired the rest of sci fi robots.

isaac asimov explores his 3 laws of robotics as the robots of the world advance in their technology and thinking/processing capabilities.

the impact of the 3 laws and what they can mean/influence is explored/twisted to great effect to create some interesting tales/twists.

i robot cover Isaac Asimov science fiction stories booksthe author pushes the thinking of what they could mean to robots and humans in ways you would not have thought.

the book has the issue that some of our technology has moved on so far ahead of what asimov contemplated could happen that it seems dated or not possible.

one of the main human characters personality with his job seems very implausible now but perhaps that was how they were like back in the day.

the i, robot book is essential reading.