invaders of space

invaders of space murray leinsterinvaders of space by murray leinster (published in 1964)

was this book the inspiration for the name of the iconic space invaders arcade game?

invaders of space is only 10 chapters short so even if it is only ok it can be read in a couple of hours. starts off quickly and keeps that pace.

written before the true space age so most of the spacecraft stuff seems outdated now but some of the space travel and technology is great future stuff.

a few twists and ideas make it a decent story and you do not know what is coming. invasive species, a moon going through its cycles in 1 night, powering an energy grid using the electromagnetic power found in a planets ionosphere.

invaders of space book murray leinster

a couple of things might be a bit annoying. the hero, is a super man called horn who can handle any situation calmly and knows exactly what to do. horns motivation for completing certain actions is rather repetitive, almost like the chapters were written to be serialised in a science fiction pulp magazine.