lazery susan

death by food spilling restaurant eating out lazy susanhis mum had always told him wasting food was a crime – anything he wasted killed a child in scotland – that poorest of 3rd world european countries

he was in a eat all you can competition for the most important thing in (his life)x2

frantic shouts from those fighting for the same but unique to them thing – all packed into the worst restaurant in the universe – lots of shouts to the late comers to not get off their seats what ever their surprise/terror.
restarant short stories story deadly death eating food peas dropping
the top of the double circle or metal in front of him spun round – ffsps
the hollywood sound of space age combat reverberated around him – failures – death by food

fork/peas/life shaking before him as they moved from the peas container over those circular metal triggers of death

death by food wastage
death killed shot by laser lazer die died sci fi story

old/new shouts of knowledge/advise/curses/discoveries/pleads/theories/discussions/arguments

thank god it was not a date night

thanks gods it was not an extended family meal
dont spill peas food spilling food science fiction stories
success/peas never tasted so sweet – he already had ambrosia sprouts

those next in the queue for this seemingly never empty restaurant were told the unhappy news that there were tables suddenly available

– the child next to him had drooped 1 long strand of spaghetti onto the table top – your table is ready sir

– the pregnant lady – shaking so badly she would have brain damaged her unborn child – got the peas to her mouth and must have started to taste a moments victory but then he watched in fascination as 2 peas did not make it into her mouth – the smallest deadly avalanche – bouncing down her body they eventually hit the floor/trigger – same as their bodies did a moment later after the laser killed them – your table is ready maam
deadly food games punishments death for spilling coffe drink dont spill story
how long did you have to successfully eat your latest course before that dinner hell rang again? that was up for/being debated

the course he was dreading was coming round soon – cup of coffee very nearly full to the brim – bowl with sugar on the lazy susan – he fucking hated coffee – was allergic to it – made him sick – what would happen then?