leap into the motion of the minority report interface

dextype virtual keyboard app leap motionremember the minority report film with tom cruise with his cool user interface of swiping the screen?

for those older than that do you remember jean michel jarre and his amazing for the time laser harp playing hits like second rendez vous?

the era of user interfaces where you communicate/work/play with the world using your gestures is now at hand – thanks to leap motion and its apps.

science faction

the leap motion system has just been sent to its eager early adaptors and app writers. the leap motion detector really can feedback your movements in great detail, unlike most other motion detection systems.

Leap motion apps

leap motion app an early leap app is the dextype virtual keyboard app – that gives you many options to type in thin air and look like an air keyboard hero while you go about it.

what will the leap motion software, dextype virtual keyboard app, all the other apps that are sure to follow, what will they do in our future?

little boots to fill

jean michel jarre might have made the laser harp popular but others have followed including little boots.