lets play the castle doctrine game

castle doctrine lets play guide
Artist: JoyOfTrapping

lets play the castle doctrine game. sounds easy until you actually try to start playing this trap building, robber killing, brain melting, keyboard destroying game.

the castle doctrine game does not come with any instructions or tutorial. you just start and then die. repeatedly.

to help newbies there are castle doctrine wikis, lets play videos on youtube, dedicated forums and some great castle software designed to help with this most frustrated but brilliant of games.

there are also 2 house editors, these are essential to design the best and most lethal or puzzling houses.

and dont forget to search for electrical/digital logic gates …

lets play the castle doctrine game – site links

the official castle doctrine site

the castle doctrine wiki including game rules

the castle doctrine wiki – steam

thecastledoctrine.net forum and game faq

lets play the castle doctrine videos

the castle doctrine videos- youtube

the castle doctrine videos- steam

(Aavak lets play castle doctrine videos on youtube)

create your own castle doctrine game videos – if you want to show the world funny videos of robbers deaths in your home or do your own lets play guides then there is a guide on how to record, save and then display castle them for the official forum, youtube, vimeo, imgur or your own website.

licecap – screen capture software (gif)
bandicam – screen and game video recording

imgur – video and media storage site
gfycat.com – compresses/streams your gifs from other sites like youtube – gfycat also host gifs


castle draft – the castle doctrine designer to create or import and edit your house designs

castle fortify – another castle doctrine game editor

castle doctrine game recording software

question – where to find the the castle doctrine game folder?
Windows is normally C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\CastleDoctrine and for the house files to import into the game editors you can find them C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\CastleDoctrine\recordedGames and you are looking for a file called something like recordedGame00322.txt