luna: new moon

luna new moon book review  ian mcdonaldluna: new moon by ian mcdonald (published in 2015)

its an interesting book with good ideas on how the first humans may colonise the moon and what sort of technology it would need and create. the luna: new moon book also goes into what society would be created up there

a mixture of david wingroves chung kuo and kim stanley robinsons red mars series? there are a few stunning/wonderful ideas in the luna book but perhaps not as good as either of those books?

if you can handle the massive information dump about the families in the first few chapters then you should finish the book. before the start of the book there is a character list and also word meanings at the back – so if you dont like complicated interwoven stories avoid like the deathly radiation on the moons surface during a coronal mass ejection

luna new moon 2015 ian mcdonald sci fi books

be warned it does have a sequel/series so the science fiction story is paused at the end of book 1. if you have an edition printed before 2017 then it may not be obvious until you are near the end of the book

hopefully in the second part ian mcdonald will really show us what he can do to terraform the characters/plot/moon

maybe the promise or your ideas of what mcdonald could do with the solar system he has created – after him revealing his world – taints the book as you dream of what might be coming and it does not quite deliver – yet

maybe if you have not yet read similar plot lines in other sci fi books it may be truly amazing as most things/ideas are the first time?