your 1st of movember

movember moustache mustachethe ‘tache is a thing of wonder for many men and for quite a few hairy women also

in ages past a thing of respectability, manliness and standard issue. where would the likes of the true edwardian and victorian gentlemen have been without his moustache, beard and sideburns?

the moden day hairy samson – did the decline of the english empire reflect the loss of facial hair and the lack of wearing hats?

for those of the non queens english persuasion moustache = mustache = must tache

movember – the tache combs back

the moustache is slowly making a comback and movember is part of the refined hairy movement. there is this perfect site movember that sets the right tone and if these fine upstanding moustached gentlemen can not inspire you then what can

moustaches movember mustaches

movember footballers grant holt moustache

movember grant holt moustache mustache

Flashman and the moustache

where would one of the greatest english heros – the man the who half created the english empire – fwashman have been without his dashed charming whiskers?

fwashman flashman whiskers

moustache virus

our fashions a virus? a lot reflect changes in society but do fashion viruses – virusus – sweep through society?