no budget sci fi film list and reviews

no budget films movies reviews list sci fi science fictionhow no budget is a no budget movie? how low budget and low production costs is considered to be micro budget film making?

peoples definitions will vary especially with kickstarter/indiegogo helping any budding indie film producer able to raise some sort of financing. how small financial backing do you need? mumblecore video primer is great time travel science fiction and made with only $7,000 budget

the ultra/virtually no budget movies listed and reviewed are with a budget of $16,000 or under. this is so there are some to watch and at least 3 are surprisingly good/awesome

list of no budget sci fi movies

primer ($7,000 time travel)
white creek ($9,000 mystery)
science team ($15,000 comedy splatter gore)
magnetic ($15,000 time travel)
catalina: a new kind of superhero ($2,500 cross dressing superman/superwomen)
window licker (anarchy comedy)
cheery point ($10,000 alternative history)
prototype (religious philosophy)
trakked (technology)
romeo and juliet ($16,000 computer geek version)
mindscans ($1,500 virtual reality)
infest wisely series ($700 tech/ware)

there are also reviews and list for super low budget science fiction films up to $50,0000 (those listed below are included on that list) and sci fi movies from $50,000 to $500,000


lowest low budgets finances effects science fiction films mumblecore
primer movie made in 2004 for $7,000 – showed what could be done. fantastic time travelling sci fi story. so micro budget they had to use every foot of film shot

white creek

white creek movie review low budget film alternative universes
white creek movie produced with kickstarter budget of $9,000 in 2014.

its a surprising film. its a dark psychological thriller that seems very quiet and light but stories are happening – then sudden scenes of splatter or sick gore. its really good/bad

science team

science team film
science team movie budget of $15,000 made in 2014 but the science team was established in 1966

its a potentially very funny splatter gore comedy if you can get through the bad start with its not humorous old fashioned slapstick humour. hang in there until the hilarious cops and the science team enter the story


magnetic film review lo fi sci fi movies list
magnetic movie (2015) cost only $15,000 to produce but looks like a higher budget video. the film is a science fiction mixture of groundhog day movie or frank herberts the jesus incident book

the magnetic movie soundtrack is unique by night kisses which has band members who acted/produced the film

its slow going – which is partly due to the creation of the micro budget story line ‘who needs pills to not feel anything’ – the main female actor is very deadpan which does not help with the pace/action

cheery point

cheery point 2 new world order x movie review
cheery point movie released in 2013 for just $10,000 with $1,635 from kickstarter. this film was/is also called new world order or new world order x or novacrene or new world orderx

the cheery point movie producers have created a visually great video with so many different locations/scenes for such a nearly zero budget

its another independent movie production using the idea of emotionally controlled people – meaning that the amateur actors do not have to give amazing performances – but this does highlight boring/wooden acting/scenes


lo fi sci fi prototype movie film 2009
prototype movie made in 2009 is as low fidelity and no budget as you can get. its a morality/mumblecore video. its so lo fi science fiction that its for real connoisseurs of this type of movie making

catalina: a new kind of superhero

catalina: a new kind of superhero movie review 2009
catalina: a new kind of superhero movie is movie making on a budget of only $2,500 in 2009. for that amount there is relatively lots of characters and stories.

perhaps the main disappointment of the film is the actual lack of the use of superhero skills. if you want to see how you could be an independent movie maker then watch this movie

window licker

window licker ben mcguire film review
window licker movie made in 2014. some absolute nasty/funny bits but its mostly a brutal movie. mostly filmed with cell phone video camera.

if you can handle a sick film with a real zero budget and the main actor puking/wanking a lot then this might be for you. student drinking game?


trakked movie review indie film making
trakked movie was filmed in 2015 but has very bad acting which does not help the boredom factor. this is what most people must imagine non hollywood blockbusters are like.

if you can endure to the end then there is a decent twist but was it worth it?

romeo and juliet

george antons romeo and juliet movie review 2014
george antons romeo and juliet movie made in 2014 for $16,000 is a reboot of william shakespeare story but you really need to know the story in depth to appreciate this – otherwise you will be lost.

this is real no budget movie making – people wandering around in fancy dress including computer components and hardware


mindscans movie review no budget film filmmaking
mindscans movie from 2013 for only $1,500. no new story line or ideas, no special effects, no good acting. pure bad low budget science fiction video making

infest wisely

infest wisely
infest wisely is series of episodes produced for $700 cost in 2007

A new, chewable nanotechnology lets people take pictures with their eyes and cures cancer. But the early adopters find out it’s hard to uninstall something after it’s spread through their bloodstream …

this really is home made video standard, there is a 2 minute infest wisely trailer. the first episode is perhaps the worst but after that there are some decent stories and episodes

nearly no budget sci fi shorts

nearly or no budget science fiction very short movies – all under 7 minutes

For more of these ultra short sci fi movies visit this site