no dog fouling

no dog fouling signhe helped the old grannie across the road, from the big flint wall to the much lower brick wall.

the perfect crime seen.

all the time he was checking to make sure he was not being watched or on some camera.

she was not social – the grannie was not recording/sharing her life visuals. old school rules.

there were no feeds of the area, only those from cars coming past, so he had to choose his moment.

her little yorkie terrior was happily walking in front of the old dear. on one of those extender leads.

they were approaching the marker. they reached the marker. now was the moment for the crime.

he stepped forward a couple of paces and lifted his left leg back and high then swung through with all his might.

the dog went high wide and handsome over the low wall. the yelp he imagined like a first world war whizz bang artilerry shell.

her scream after it had landed like the first world war wounded survivors.

he laughed then legged it.

it must have been at least 7.5 with the left leg degree of difficulty, having to set up the kick and in front and over the no dog fouling sign! (1.5+1.5+2)x1.5=7.5