old sci fi stories lucky dip

old sci fi stories books retro science fictionthe local towns second hand book stores were raided for retro/old science fiction books, over 30 in total. anything that was an old sci fi story was bought, the older the better.

as they had not been read they couldnt be considered as classic or vintage sci fi books – as those have to be the best of their era or author. would any turn out to be classic science fiction stories?

and when is a retro sci fi book, old defined as that has to change each year? for these books anything before the 1990’s is the line as that was when the world wide web got into the public domain, the world, the universe, humans and science fiction changed forever.

what would this totally random selection of old sci fi stories be like?

old sci fi stories lucky dip review

not reading the blurb on the back of the books means you have to go with gut instinct but when you know nothing about the books is it just the title and the look that gets you?

tactics of mistake (1971)

tactics of mistake cover classic sci fi booksthe first book was tactics of mistake (review) by gordon r dickson originally published in 1971. what a lucky dip start!

the earth war (1963)

the earth war cover vintage science fiction storiessecond retro science fiction book read was the earth war by mack reynolds (review) originally published in 1963. another classic sci fi story.

2 lucky dips for sci fi books?

the first 2 books chosen out of all of these retro sci fi novels were awesome! exactly what is hoped for from old technology and thinking. the rest of them or at least the next one can not be as good? or were the old science fiction writers living in a world where technology and life was limited but starting to move forwards, the improbable becoming possible? humans were starting to dream, write and believe about what could happen in the future with the knowledge that it might just happen?

not sure the rest of the books are as old as these 2, so might have to just compare the old books against themselves or see what the young whippersnapper writers of the 70s and 80s can produce.

spacehounds of ipc (1946)

spacehounds of ipc cover sci fi book storychanged tactics and reading books in vague order of age, oldest to late 70s.

spacehounds of ipc by e e doc smith (review) is old, first published in 1931 and then updated and released in 1946! quite stunning for its time and some of the ideas. another classic science fiction story.

is it that the authors had to create and use their imagination as there was nothing in reality to base it on, or , is it that only the vintage sci fi stories were printed in bulk to survive and be bought 2nd hand?

a case of conscience (1953/1958)

a case of conscience cover james blish sci fi storiesa case of conscience by james blish (review) is very different to the previous books and a nice surprise as variety is the spice.

a story based on religious theology, human society and what is an alien. due to its subject matter and some of the philosophy/technical depths it goes into you will either like it or not enjoy it.

but it should be read as a near classic and if you like different sci fi stories and thinking.