out of the silent planet

out of the silent planet book c s lewis author science fiction storyout of the silent planet by c s lewis (published in 1938)

out of the silent planet is perhaps a surprising science fiction book to most people as its by the author c s lewis – best known for his narnia books.

it was written before the advent of jet technology or satellites or before 2nd world war but was updated since then. what is the book like then and especially now?

it was a struggle to read the book although you appreciate that lewis has no real clue what other planets are like and certainly not what space travel to them would be like but he has given it a go. the problem is that his descriptions/ideas are now seemingly known to be wrong.

out of the silent planet cover c s lewis writer sci fi books 1938also, if you know why he wrote the narnia books, you suspect that the same christian morals/story will be forced into the book, so you are just waiting for them.

one of the problems is how it is written – with sudden lines reminding the reader that it is a story they are reading. but then this at the end gives/makes the book its actual good bit/twist – which conspiracy theory people may perhaps like and brings a smile to your face. then c s lewis ruins that brief highpoint at the end with a postscript that drags you back into your previous dull experience.

his thoughts on what a meeting between 2 people actually is was great. so at least you get that and you dont have to ever read the book again or perhaps not even read the other books in the series?