poker luck virus – ying and jerry yang

poker lucky virus some people/teams/towns/countries seem to be much luckier than others over a short period or with certain situations

is it a luck virus? is it probability/skill/timing? is it being in tune with the universe or the akashic records?

where these things always going to happen or did they suddenly going to happen when the right person was in the wrong place when facing the right person in the right place?

peter eastgate has that $9,152,416 poker luck virus in 2008

luck virus peter eastgate wsop main event 2008
peter eastgate certainly took full advantage of the winning wsop virus when he qualified through LadbrokesPoker and accepting the PokerStars sponsorship deal at the business end of the main event

jerry yang wins lots of mirrions ($8,250,000) in 2007

poker luck virus jerry yang lucky winner final table wsop main event 2007
the greatest of final table performances? started the final table 8th in chips but realised before it started that he had been blessingly infected with the poker luck virus 8,250,000 times and that the others had been infected with the luck virus that resonated with his dna – it effected them like myxomatosis rabbits in his mirrion headlights – pounded the table with bets of 1 mirrion, 2 mirrion …

jamie gold won but didnt win $12,000,000 in 2006

poker lucky virus jamie gold winner 2006 wsop main event tournament champion
jamie gold had easily the greatest single performance in the whole wsop main event combined with that special poker lucky virus – jamie gold led from front on the 4th day and totally dominated the rest of the main event and the final table where he knocked out 7 of the other 8 players

lucky to win the main event in 2006 when it was the largest prize ever for the winner with $12,000,000 but unlucky afterwards in that he made a verbal deal that in theory was to cost him half his winnings and a stain on his reputation

joe hachem turns 73x into $7,500,000 in 2005

luck virus poker joe hatchem wsop winner 2005 main event word series of poker
steve dannenmann was – for the joe hachem poker luck virus strain – the right man in the right place on that fateful last flop

hatchem was short stack for most of the final table but when the luck virus of poker struck it mutated into a famous $7,500,000 win

greg raymers lucky virus wins him $5,000,000 in 2004

poker luck virus greg raymer wsop 2004 main event winner glasses

you do need a bit of luck combined with poker skills to play your way through 2,576 entrants – famous for his sunglasses …

poker lucky virus greg raymer wsop winner champion winners 2004

you do get perts of the job when the world series of poker main event winner

chris moneymaker by name and nature wins $2,500,000 in 2003

lucky poker players virus chris moneymaker 2003 wsop main event winner
chris moneymaker got himself struck or tuned into the poker player luck virus when it mattered most – during the wsop main event – and after qualifying through a $39 satellite won $2,500,000 in perhaps the most famous/watched final table of main event history. complaining years later that he now runs bad and has bad variance – he made the most of when the luck virus struck him severely

a massive amount of money to win but it looks so small compared to the other winners that came after him

ying and jerry yang – poker unlucky virus

and for all those who are lucky there has to be those poker players who are unlucky like this chap who seems a tad upset and needs to be reminded of the queensberry rules

poker unlucky virus ying and jerry yang players bad luck